Monday, January 7, 2013

vacay highlights.

As a family, we ventured down to Southern California for the second time this year. We made the stop at my grandparents house and then continued to San Diego for a lacrosse tournament my brother was participating in. We made a few notable stops on the way and these are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. The above picture is one of two typewriters my grandmother gifted me, now that I'm a writer and all. This particular typewriter is from the 1920s (in need of a major service) and my great grandfather wrote his sermons and book with it. So cool! I love the history behind it. Though, my favorite part of this one is the "ding" it makes at the end of a line. I can't wait to make a special place for them in my room.

[history books lying around my grandparent's home, along with a funny squirrel ceramic]
[faded retro wallpaper and a vase]

 [notice the wallpaper]
[the great Christmas tree inside the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney]

[adorable kermit beanie in a store in Downtown Disney]
[visiting relatives at the San Diego Zoo]
 [spotted this little guy (monarch butterfly) while resting near the zoo's greenhouse]
[gorgeous giraffes]
[Mary the elephant; I could have watched her for hours]

[panda chomping on bamboo]
[a lovely safari hat; what do you think?] 

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