Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 Newly Discovered Blogs

New year, new blogs to follow. I recently cleaned up my Google Reader; deleted duds and added new ones. Here are four great blogs I discovered that I hope you find equally fun to read.
1. Fashion Blog: Sincerely, Kinsey's pictures are stunning. Her style reminds me of Anthropologie or Free People but many of her clothing items are DIY, which makes this blog even more inspiring. I love that her fashion includes pieces that most people would have in their closets, like banded skirts or scarves. Some posts include tips and even photos of her clients; all fun to read through.
2. DIY Home Blog: Vintage Revivals is a vibrant blog with really simple but stylish decorating ideas. Blogger Mandi has a knack for using color in her DIY projects. Her tutorials are great at explaining her steps and the before and after posts are drastic. She turns dingy, dull rooms into cozy spaces you would want to spend time in.
3. Lifestyle Blog: A Holy Experience is such a well rounded blog. Ann writes about being a Christian woman which includes being a mother to six and wife to a farmer. I love the way she writes about her daily life, as if you were actually there. Her blog posts are full of raw emotion and you take away more than a peek into life on a farm.

4. Health Blog: Against All Grain was created by a San Francisco Bay Area mom who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease. She shares flavorful recipes for those who suffer from the same disease and for those looking to eat healthier without eating bland things repeatedly. Everything, including this banana nut porridge above, looks delicious.

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