Thursday, January 3, 2013

ode to 2013.

Finally, it's 2013. You hear it every year: "Wow, this year has flown by" or "So much has happened this year." For me, these things ring true louder and more obvious than my alarm the morning of the new year. I feel comfortable sharing some of the major events here (mostly because I am unaware of any subscribers), so here it goes.

This year, I have reestablished my relationship with God, learned a lot about myself, completed an internship at Diablo Magazine that confirmed my career choice (clips of my work can be found here), was accepted to a top journalism school (will reveal later), actively contributed to my blog, and became closer to my wonderful family. So much more to add but I will leave it at that.

What an incredible year. But, oh boy am I looking forward to 2013. I predict this year will be full of change (moving to a different state and all) and adventure with endless possibilities. Bring. It. On. Here's to a new year. Cheers!

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