Monday, December 31, 2012

scrapbook paper banner.

  I've continued to spruce up my room, and my latest addition(s) is a banner made of scrapbook paper. The look reminds me of vintage carnival decorations for some reason - I'm picturing a primary-colored banner hung across the top of a game of rings. The paper scraps add color and detail to my space. Also, I'm proud to announce that this is my first DIY blog post! Took me long enough. Enjoy!
 Supplies include scissors, clear fishing or jewelry nylon wire, tape, pencil, scrapbook paper scraps, cardstock.
Simply cut out a triangle from cardstock and use it as your pattern. Trace the pattern with a pencil onto the backs of the scraps you plan to use.
After tracing the triangle, cut each shape out. See below.
 Tape down one end of the nylon wire to your work surface. Straigten out the coils and tape down the other end.
 Slip triangles under the nylon wire, colored side down. Tape the triangles to the nylon wire. I alternated between gray cardstock triangles (which I also used as my pattern) and the scrapbook paper.
Drape your newly made banner anywhere that suits your fancy. I wrapped mine around my boring lamp to add color. I also draped one on the top of my bookcase.

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