Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ever wondered if the fashion blogger you follow really wears her pajamas while she writes her posts? Me neither. But I thought it might be fun to start a weekly/monthly post about what I'm currently doing. It's so easy to lose sight of the details of life so I am hoping this new idea will zero in on my day and help me focus on the positive. People like to read about people, right? And I'm hoping it will produce some fun pictures. And make me feel like a talented multitasker.

Doing: painting my nails with my new OPI collection
Watching: highlights from the Golden Globes on Hulu
Eating: churro cookies I made last night
Wearing: leggings, oversized flannel, wool socks, beanie
Reading: For the Love of Dogs by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Listening to: The Black Keys on Pandora
Waiting for: an online purchase from Urban Outfitters to arrive
Happy about: getting a 4.0 last semester!
Looking forward to: movie night with friends

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