Tuesday, March 26, 2013

nose in the books

Once again, my New Year's resolution went out out the window. It has been months since I composed a post and I blame it all on schoolwork. I have been slammed with assignment after assignment, leaving little time for creativity which I use for sleep instead. It makes me pretty sad, actually. But here's the shortened update. In August, I'm moving the Lawrence, Kansas for Journalism school at the University of Kansas. I am so excited for what God has prepared for me there! Here are some pictures of the campus (which I love, love, love) from my trip a few weekends ago. My spring break is next week so I plan to prepare some new posts. Happy reading! XO Amelia
 {The University Daily Kansan}
 {William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communication}
{"The Big Tooter" steam whistle}
{Potter Lake}

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